Brewing an American Light Beer

Today, we’re brewing an American Light beer.  This was Josh B’s choice to brew this one.  He said that his dad has been pestering him to make a beer that he would like to drink.  So, we’re making a hunting / fishing brew for him.


This was our first beer that didn’t require steeping any grains.  It was a little weird using corn and rice sugars.  It’s going to have the adjunct flavors just like the big beer companies use in their multi-national brands.  But, if this reminds our Dads and Grandpas of the “good ole’ days” of drinking a beer and passing out in a lawn chair, we’ll be successful.

USA Flag 1992

We don’t know what to expect from this one, but we really have to work on a clever name for this brew.  Something that just says – ‘Murica!  We’ll come up with something clever in the next few days.



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